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US Poker Legistlation

The online poker legislation in the United States is rather confusing and there are different opinions regarding this matter. Some people are saying that there is absolutely no law out there that says it is illegal to play poker over the internet, instead of that the US poker legislation that is available at the moment says that it's illegal to transfer the money over to an online poker room.

All the problems started back in the year 2006 when the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act has started to become valid and all the financial institutions that made money transfer to online gambling websites and this includes online poker rooms, is an illegal practice. This is the reason why the US citizens can never be incriminated of anything for playing online poker. And another important aspect is that during the last 6 years since the UIGEA bill was passed there wasn't one online poker player incriminated for anything. But at the same time many online poker rooms had problems with the United States authorities and also many payment methods were shut down during this period of time.

One of the questions that you must ask yourself regarding the US online poker legislation is that in case it's not illegal to play poker over the internet, than why are there so many online poker rooms that have stopped accepting new players from United States? The answer to this question is very simple. The vast majority of the online poker rooms that have stopped accepting US players are doing this because they just want to avoid at any costs to have legal action taken against them in the future. Some of them are even publicly traded companies and by doing so they will have a brighter future at the stock market.

The US poker legislation might look to be against the fact that the Americans love to play poker over the internet and the authorities from time to time add another earthquake in the industry, like it happened back in August 2011. But at the same time there are also a few great online poker rooms out there that are still able to accept players from the United States and at the same time to accept payments from players.

Here you can find a short list with some of the most popular and the most appreciated online poker rooms that accept US players:

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Carbon Poker 200% Up To $5000
Lock Poker 200% Up To $4,000
Bovada Poker 100% Up To $1,000

There are other online US poker rooms out there but they are not as popular as these and they are not able to offer the same amount of player's traffic and cool promotions.